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Simon Kuestenmacher is a rising star globally in the field of data management and insight. 

He is Director of Research at The Demographics Group based in Melbourne. He is a monthly columnist with The Australian newspaper. Simon is an engaging speaker who backs his opinion with data and evidence. 

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Customer of the Future - Breakfast Seminars 

On the cusp of a new decade that promises change on an unprecedented scale, there is no more important time to understand the customer of the future. New segments, new behaviours, and new technology are all combining to create a different kind of consumer in the 2020s. Who are they, where are they, how will they buy, and what channels will they prefer? Bernard Salt AM and Simon Kuestenmacher deliver a powerful, data-rich and engaging perspective of who you’ll be selling to in the decade ahead. Do not miss this event!


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SIMON is one Of THE WORLD's top 50 influencers in data science


Simon Kuestenmacher is the Director of Research at The Demographics Group based in Melbourne Australia.

Simon is a rising star in data animation and interpretation. In just two years he has amassed 100,000 followers globally who enjoy his insights and his quirky observational style.

He holds degrees in geography from leading universities in Berlin and Melbourne and worked for several years as a business consultant with KPMG Australia.

Simon is a monthly columnist for The Australian newspaper; he is one of the two co-founders of The Demographics Group; he is an emerging media commentator on demographic and data matters; and he has spoken to numerous corporate audiences across Australia.

In May Simon was named one of the world’s Top 50 influencers in data science by, he reaches over 30 million people every month through his Twitter account

Simon speaks on demographic trends, consumer insights and cultural change in Australia.

His work is best appreciated by groups from the financial services, property, education, technology, retail and professional services industries.


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I am always driven by data and focus on cities, the workforce, demographics and megatrends in my writing. I will also write about my favourite books on these topics. Just as a good meal needs to be paired with a good wine I will pair these books with helpful maps to improve the reading experience.



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